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You love bread, but don't live near a good bakery? We send it to you!

Our Mission is to bring affordable world class bread to ALL Americans, especially to the Millions living far from any good-quality bakery. We ship to PO Boxes as well. BAKE & SERVE: We send 85% partially baked bread. Put it 12 -15 minutes in your oven and it comes out perfect! Loaves not baked right away can be stored frozen for up to 9 months.

"I froze the bread after it arrived and just baked it this evening. It has a delicious flavor that is very similar to bread I remember from Berlin"

(Review from Customer Beatrice N. on 9/15/17) 

WE SHIP par-baked (85%) bread. Freeze it upon receipt. Thaw & bake when ready to serve.  

GERMAN SOURDOUGH - naturally leavened, from European grains.  

100% NATURAL - non GMO, no preservatives. Low fat, low sugar, zero cholesterol.

HIGH FIBER & PROTEIN - one slice accounts for up to 29% (=8g) of daily fiber needs and 6g of protein

SHIPPING - Shipping fee starts at $ 5.99 for orders of up to 4 loaves, and then increases with order size and distance. Check your fee on the cart page. Shipping time 1-3 business days via USPS Priority Mail, UPS or Fedex. Orders ship next day, unless it's a weekend or holiday. Bread ships uncooled. Sourdough's acidity keeps it fresh for 8-10 days at ambient temperatures. 

LONG FRESHNESS - store in freezer for up to 9 months. 

FAIR PRICE - Our prices are low for a loaf straight from Germany! Shop around and you will see.

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Sourdough and seeds are healthy!