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Our Mission: Bring Crusty Fresh Bread to Your Dinner Table!

Watch us explain how it works:

It boils down to par-baking 85%, packaging adequately for mail-order, and a final short bake-off at home. This 40 second video explains how.

"Been living for over 20 years in the USA and never found bread as good as this. Absolutely love it! Makes me feel like home!"

(Review from Customer Sonja L. on 11/29/17) 

WE SHIP par-baked bread. Freeze it upon receipt. Thaw -> bake off 15 minutes -> eat crusty chewy bread like fresh from a German bakery 

GERMAN-STYLE SOURDOUGH - gentle milling and long fermentation protect nutrients 

100% NATURAL - vegan, non GMO, no preservatives. Low fat, low sugar, zero cholesterol

HIGH FIBER & PROTEIN - one slice accounts for up to 29% (=8g) of daily fiber needs and 6g of protein

STOMACH FRIENDLY - Sourdough's acidity and bacteria dissolve gluten, making it more digestible

SHIPPING - $ 7.99 fee up to 6 loaves. Larger orders: Check fee on cart page. Free shipping with BreadVillagers Club membership. Shipping time 1-3 business days via Priority Mail, UPS or Fedex. Orders ship next day, unless it's weekend or holiday. Bread ships uncooled. Sourdough's acidity acts as a natural preservative and keeps bread fresh for 8-10 days at ambient temperatures 

LONG FRESHNESS - store frozen up to 9 months 

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Sourdough and seeds are healthy!