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German Kaiser Roll - 5 Pack


How easy! How tasty! What a pleasure to eat this bread

German Kaiser Roll

Loved it! It is really good.


I'm in love with your product. Your products reminds me of home and tastes twice as good. HAPPY German

Delicious bread

I like ALL bread village breads. It's hard to pick a favorite.
5 star rating for every variety.

The best bread ever

I will be back

Brötchen,so good

Great Brötchen ,love it

Kaiser rolls are awesome

I will buy them again

Loved your yeast free rye!

I had been gluten free for 6 months due to health concerns and was unable to find
a single rye bread that actually tasted like bread! Recently, I found that my allergy was not to gluten after all, but to yeast. I found bread village online and have been very happy with
their tasty yeast free rye!


....perfect.... !!!!

Kaiser Roll

Like all your breads I enjoyed them but I needed to bake them at 400 for 12 min.they were very crispy & looked like the rolls I know from Germany, thawing them & then backing at 350 didn't bring these results.
thank you !


The title says it all. This is our Sunday morning treat with Munster cheese or some type of preserves.


Taste just like home!


I really like the rolls and I also like the pretzel rolls


Good taste, but didn't back as good as other items I got from you

Semmel, Brötchen, Kaiser Roll = it's all tasty

I ordered both, the Kaiser Rolls and the Pretzel Buns and had "Frühstück" like back home. The rolls were crunchy with a soft middle. One tip: I brushed the Pretzel Buns with water and sprinkled coarse salt on it. I hope that a new shipment comes in soon, so I can send a dear friend of mine some rolls for Easter.

German Style Brot and Brouchen

Exceptional good bread, delivery was great and received as scheduled. The Kaiser Roll are okay although does not tast like in Germany. Over all thumbs up.


So happy about my purchase, Sunday morning with Brötchen what could be better? Thank you BreadVillage fir reducing my homesickness .




The Kaiser rolls are delicious.

Good but not unusual

Very tasty but similar to what can be had here in the US, as opposed to the bread loaves which can not be matched here.

So delicious!

My family loves them, just like buying them from a bakery in Germany!

Awesome and very delicious!

I truly loved and enjoyed them very much ! Very authentic! I will order them again! Thanks


My German kaiser rolls already gone. My Family love those kaiser rolls.


German Kaiser Roll - 5 Pack

Great addition!

These rolls are delicious and better than anything I can get here. However, not quite the same as a "Semmel" at home in Austria. Will keep buying them though :)

Delicious food

As always, the product lived up to the expectations. I’m going to order the product again.

Authentic German rolls

Delicious rolls like you get them in a German bakery.

Best Kaiser rolls this side of Germany

The 5 bags we bought went way to fast.
Going to buy 20 bags this time.

German rolls

Not what I expected and not what I remember rolls to look like and be in Germany.


we so enjoyed the taste


Excellent! Will order again

Bread and Broetchen Order

Love the service and the product. Will order again when I'm running out of my German bread.


When can we get more


German Kaiser Roll - 5 Pack

Happy German!!

The bread taste like Germany !!! Finally I found a very good bakery !

Bread For Life

Your bread is wonderful and very tasty. We will be ordering more in the near future.
Thank you for a quality product.

Chia Seed Bread

German bread is the thing I miss most about Germany. The Chia Seed Bread is the second bread I tried and is just as wonderful as the Whole Grain Multi Seed Bread. I am so happy to have found the BreadVillage.


Love,love your bread




The best bread of the various kind we have tried. Others were a bit heavy on the rye side. This one not! Delicious!!

Great quality

Always looking forward to receive my order
Great quality and best German bread in the US

Love This Bread

We moved here from Germany 7 years ago, and the only things we always missed were the breads and the rolls. We are so happy to have found BreadVillage. The service is great, the breads taste amazing, and we look forward to a minimum of one fresh slice every day. :) Keep up the great work!


Very good Bread

Bread tastes great

I love the bread, it gets 5 stars (Although the loaves are small.). It is expensive, especially when factoring in the shipping cost. And the shipping "deal" is only for people that will eat a very large quantity of bread.

Wheat sourdough

Gutes Brot, hat uns gut gefallen. Wir werden bestimmt mehr kaufen.


awesome bread- just like home!

Great Bread!

We loved our selection of Bauern Brot! Simply delish,

Good Bread

Hard to find good sour dough rye anywhere around Denver... Plus I like non-gmo products like this... For some reason it does not spike my blood sugar like other breads.

I will be ordering again all of the breads are very good nice crispy crust

Being from Austria I'm always looking for a good bread and I'm glad I finally found it.