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German Farmer's Bread
Flint Denewiler

Best bread for those with celiacs disease (GF ). True to their ingredients, quick ship time and amazing customer service.

German Farmer's Bread
Christine Sauer
Real bread

Immer frisch das beste Brot in US me


Excellent taste and texture. love them.

Best Brad ever 👌😍

We love the smell from fresh baked Brad bevor we enjoy it , it’s so delicious 👌😋😋😋😋

good bread

Good, tasty product. which I shall repurchase in future.

I love it

Reminds me of back home.

German Multi-Seed Roll - 5 Pack
Lilliana Fitzpatrick
Brötchen from home

Delicious, like fresh Bäckerei Brötchen in Germany. Thank you for bringing home, to my new home!

German Multi-Seed Bread
Lilliana Fitzpatrick

As soon as I received my Brötchen and Multi Seeds Bread, freezed Brötchen and backed Bread. Started about 10 am and by the evening Bread was gone. Couldn’t stop eating, so it was consumed 6 hrs, all by myself! Loved, loved every crumb of it!

German Multi-Seed Bread
Mathilde Flores

Love the bread 🥖

a long way to travel

I live on the opposite end of the country and usual travel time of 5 days was extended to 7. didn't seem to be a problem for the bread, arrived perfectly. I was concerned that I only had a toaster oven but again no problem. follow the instructions to the letter and even bought a traditional bread box which works great. I find here that by the forth or fifth day the left over end is hard if not consumed but no mold. a high quality product unattainable here. will order again.

Very good purchase!

This bread is very good. Brings back memories from living in Germany!

Real German bread

I lived in Germany for42 years, I grew up eating fresh bread from the local bakeries.It is so nice to have it available here in the united states . Quite delicious!

My favorite bread

This is my very favorite bread! Our whole family loves it. It is a hearty bread and is tasty with any meal. It is great with a bit of butter or with liver wurst or other topping.

Best German Bread

Easy to have fresh German Bread…..just take it out of the freezer, pop it 8n the oven for 15 min…..THE BEST

rolls and bread

We like the taste of German bakery goods and do not mind the extra cost to get it.

Perfect Complement to Our Sauerbraten Dinner

Every once in a while, I get so homesick for Germany that I have to fix a special dinner -- this month it was Sauerbraten, and these Kaiser Rolls were absolutely perfect! Crisp on the outside, soft on the inside -- so good! They were gone in the blink of an eye!

Thought I was back in Deutschland!

These rolls were my favorite when I lived in Germany, and I was so pleasantly surprised at the taste and quality. They froze up nicely, and when defrosted and heated, tasted like they were fresh-baked. Delicious!! I highly recommend these to anyone!

A good tasting roll

I like the breads, the roll is just white flour, and is not extraordinary. I wet the rolls, and sprinkled course salt and caraway or poppy seeds on it before baking. Enjoyed them.

German Farmer's Bread
Edward Schnabl
Just like back in Germany

Really enjoy this bread. I Sprinkle caraway seeds on it toasted. So delicious with sweet butter. This is real bread all the way.

German Multi-Seed Bread
Edward Schnabl
Hearty and delicious

A true bread eaters bread. Very delicious taste. This loaf is an honest delight.

German Bread

Only bread i eat . It is wonderful

German Farmer's Bread
James M Lavka
Love it

Great with echt Schwaldershicken that is available at our local Supermarket.

Just like being in the fatherland

We like it with a good crust so I bake it a little hotter and longer.

Sampler - Dough Saver Box
Elke-Maria Brown
Great German bread

Thank you for your wonderful Bread. I grew up in Germany and just love the variety of your choice of bread. I ordered the sample basket, everything taste just like home. Will order it again

Healthy bread

I enjoy eating this bread, knowing it's healthy and good for me. I like it toasted.