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Best lebkuchen!

This is a high quality cookie. If you have only ever tried supermarket lebkuchen you are in for a surprise. Theses are soft. moist and spicy with little bits of nuts. Absolutely top notch.

Memories of Christmas

Very good. A must for the holidays!

Very nice treat .

Never had before, glad I ordered a few packages . Like Christmas Pfeffernusse and Ginger bread cookies. Will order again .


The product was received ingood condition, was very fresh, and great tasting. I will be ordering more, as it freezes well for later.

So good

These lebkuchens were so good
So soft and just tasted fresh


It was so delicious!

Just like I remember

it's been a while since I was in Germany and had lebkuchen - when I ordered these and tried them, they are so good. I ordered 7 packages.

Excellent Lebkuchen. Will order again for Christmas

Best Lebkuchen

This is the best Lebkuchen I’ve ever had. Wonderful texture and awesome flavor. I’ll be buying it again very soon!


As good as any, if not better than, other Lebkuchen I’ve eaten in over sixty years in Germany or the USA.
And, reasonably priced.


Get your Lebkuchen before they sell out. All I can say they are so good. My Children and grandchildren wait for them every year.

german bread as german can be

if you like authentic german bread, and there are many varietals, it’s just 100% delicious. i love the sourdough aroma and taste to it. bravo bread village!

Rolls - Dough Saver Box
sweet magnolia
Good deal & great taste :D

Nice fresh rolls out of the oven in no time at all!

Love ❤ the Broetchen

There are so authentic and tasty, we eat them for Breakfast with jelly and Lunch with a Brat and Supper with a casserole.
Order several packages to last us for a few weeks.

Great tasting bread

Brought back memories of Germany. Felt so much fuller and content after eating the bread

Great dinner or sandwich roll

Love the rye flavor

German Kaiser Roll - 5 Pack
Heidi Van Sistine
German Kaiser Roll

These rolls are so good! They turn out crispy on the outside and soft inside. Easy to bake and tastes great.

German Farmer's Bread
Alexander Reichert
Real German bread

The one thing that I miss as a German in the US is real bread. And this is the real deal. Love the taste and texture.

German Farmer's Bread
Ruth McIlwain
Great bread

All breads and rolls are absolutely delicious. This will be my go to for bread and rolls. I love the Farmer's Bread and have 2 in my freezer. When I get down to one, I will reorder again. I am so glad I came across the advertising and will be from now on a loyal customer.

Love these Kaiser rolls

Had them for the first time. They are very authentic German Kaiser rolls. Very crunchy and good tasting with my favorite triple cream cheese from Bourgogne - very yummy

Gutes Brot

Bread is good but a little small and goes fast!

Rye Rolls - first class

Better than I’ve found anywhere else in the US. Of course it’s not quite the experience as walking into a bakery in Germany but it’s pretty darn close.

So far I only trithe country style bread and I loved i I will definitely order more in the future.

German Farmer's Bread
Norbert W Engel
it is the real thing for sure.

My Family and I truly enjoy this real german bread and the brötchen

Love Love Love This Bread

Reminds me of when I lived in Germany many years ago.