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Gift Box - Sampler
Sieglinde McIntyre
Very authentic.

Ordered one sampler for friends, after their raving about the texture and flavor, we ordered one, too. Though, I bake my own sourdough rye.

Chewy and Good

Did not know what to expect, these were delightful, should have ordered more.

Best rolls I've ever had!!

Mein klein brotchen

Smells like home, tastes like home. Pairs with jam, cured meats and cheeses and Nutella.

Great quality, great taste!

Stollen delight!

Better than the Aldi brand. Loved every bite! This is a definite order again!


The texture and taste of these pretzel rolls are fantastic!


Filled with seeds and grains—so delicious!

German Farmer's Bread
George Rickert

Sehr gutes geschmackvolles Brot,ich bin froh sie gefunden zuhaben

haven't eaten it yet

although we are saving until Christmas, I have had this stollen before and it's delish!

Good Bread and Service

Loved the bread....loaf could be larger. Otherwise it met all my expectations from order shipping receiving and product tase and baking. Sehr leckeres brot!

German Country Bread
marc schmitz
German Country bread

Excellent bread, just like I grew up with. I love when bread is part of the sandwich!

Pretzel rolls

Wonderful pretzel rolls.

Authentic flavor

Great tasting bread hearty solid and filled with nuts and grains highly recommended!

Great rolls for sandwiches or meals

Great taste

German Pretzel Roll - 5 Pack
Christina Wallace
Super Pretzel Rolls

The only thing better would be stopping at a bakery in my hometown Bad Mergentheim and buy them fresh in the morning. Will definitely order again.

Best Bread!

There are no German bakeries anywhere near us. We drove 100 miles to what was advertised as a European bakery and bought a loaf of rye bread. It was not rye bread. It was a tasteless white. Then I saw Village Bakery on-line and decided to go for it. We are so happy we did! All the breads we’ve tried are delicious, but the multi-grained bread is just scrumptious. The bread and rolls are full bodied and have a good bite. Will certainly buy again!

We love your store and enjoy all your food


The bread is very good it feels like it's from Germany and it tastes just like when I was a kid at home I just wish they could slice it but I will order again because I love my German bread

German Country Bread
Adele Stonawski

Absolutely the best I have tested the blood sugar results. Since Germany uses spelt and USA uses GMO wheat. The results are astounding. Blood sugar with less spikes. A no brainer. Thank you for excellent products

German fruit bread with marzipan.

Really delicious. I’ll definitely buy more.

Wonder Buns!

I love these pretzel rolls! I keep them in the freezer, so they stay fresh for when I have weissbier, or just want to enjoy a delicious fresh baked bread (kinda). They could never replace a real German pretzel, but when you don't have the time or energy to make a batch of true lye pretzels, these are very fulfilling! I get the entire top wet with water, sprinkle them with the course salt (included), and pop them in the toaster for about the same time as you would toast a slice of your favorite bread. The moist top not only holds the salt on, but also ends up steaming the inside of the roll, too! slap a pat of butter inside, and you're in heaven!

Multi-Seed Roll

Delicious bread as always.


The Stollen are so good I feel like I am at home. Finished one off in one day. They are indicting.


Just like you can buy in Germany. Fresh and delicious. Our favorite stolen.

German Pretzel Roll - 5 Pack

Wunderbar! Delicious! Perfect ! Glad they are back