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I've missed good German Broetchen since PCSing back to the States in 2008. This is the real deal! I'm enjoying a terrific variety of German rolls once again, and it's fast and easy to heat and enjoy! Thanks, BreadVillage!

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Ordering German bread

They send me authentic German bread. That's what I want. It's great.


The buns are amazing. My husband and I have been looking for German bread and buns and we are so happy to have found BreadVillage.

Best German rolls

We love this bread. We lived in Germany and miss the broetchen there. Thanks for such a wonderful product.

Thank you so much :) Bread is delicious


Best German bread we have been able to find in the USA! Delicious made with quality ingredients and reasonably priced. Very happy with the Multiseed bread, Farmer's bread and the Kaiser Rolls. Will be placing large orders for all of our German friends! Highly recommend.

Just as advertised, tasty and fresh. Will be ordering soon.

Fresh German bread in the US!!

My husband is from Germany. Our family is so happy and excited to be able to get European style bread delivered to our door in Michigan! We placed our first order for the kaiser rolls a couple of weeks ago, and immediately placed another, much larger order. We will be keeping our freezer stocked at all times! Thank you Bread Village!!

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Fast shipping - great test of home....

package arrived fast, these rolls remind me of home... Thanks team!

film. Rolls and brochen

Rolls are excellent...crusty outside and soft inside...just like the ones in Germany!!!

Fantastic Seed Bread

This is the best seed bread I have ever eaten. So yummy with the rye overtones.

Excellent Bread

I appreciate having bread with substance. Keep up the good work.

Brezel Brötchen

The Brezel Brötchen are very good ! 10 Min in the Oven and they turned out perfect
Glad to have found your Site


They are truly amazing!

Great bread

I’ll never eat another bratwurst without your brotchen again!


My daughter returned from a year long AFS experience in Germany and all I kept hearing about was how she missed the bread!
We haven’t tried the full loaves yet, but the rolls are wonderful and meet her approval!

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Taste from home

The bread and rolls were delicious ! Fresh out of the oven, with a little butter...yummm! I will definitely order again and again, thank you Bread Village

Love the taste and by far the best I have gotten here so far. Wish the bread loafs were a bit larger.

German Pretzel Roll

Excellent!!! Delish!! Highly recommend

Excellent and authentic

I am German and I love my bread!!! I am beyond happy to have found these amazing bread rolls and breads from breadvillage! Thank you!!!!

Bread village

Really good. The best..

Just like being in Europe

Crunching outside so soft inside

Very Good love the multiseed bread

Delicious Bread! Totally Worth it!

If you are having second thoughts, trust me, doubt no longer and order away. This is higher than restaurant quality bread in your own home, that comes out of the oven warm, delicious and fresh. Highly recommended to everyone who loves bread! Buy some butter, warm your bread up and in a quick 10mins you'll be enjoying the most delicious bread you've tasted.


Best bread 🍞 I just keep ordering it.