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A Bit of Germany in Michigan!

This is a fantastic tasting bread! I order it often as it tastes great and goes with everything from Braunschweiger to steak tartare! Wunderbar!

Awesome Tasting German Multi-Seed Bread

I look forward to always getting this great tasting Multi-Seed bread!
Defrost it, bake it, let it cool a bit, and then enjoy the marvelous taste of many different seeds baked into a slight sour dough bread!
My bread never lasts more than 2 days, usually only one! That is how delicious it is!

German Country Bread
Heinz Langfeld

We have been customers of Bread Village for years. With an excellent Swiss butcher in the vicinity, CharcutNuvo, we have the main ingredients for a German meal with our friends. The Farmer's Bread is the mainstay and for weekends we enjoy the "Roggen Broetchen", a roll popular in the Duesseldorf region. Living in Colorado, we place our orders in a quantity that qualifies for free shipping, an added benefit. And it arrives in Days. A win/win.

German Country Bread
Gerhard Bethge
Best German quality

In my 20+ years living in the US, I didn't find any bread similar to German quality than this bread. It's expensive, but still worth it. It's part of my daily nutrition since approx 2yrs.

Good but too expensive

I have been ordering from Bread Village faithfully for years. The bread is better than any US bread I can find, but it has suddenly jumped in price and is now only (barely) worth it when it goes on sale. Even the sale price is barely justifiable. Very disappointing.

Very good bread and was shipped fresh......

Very fresh and shipped as described. Very happy.


German Country Bread
Marlies Weyers

Even my Grandsons request , a German Breakfast ‚ with the breadvillage goodie’s when they have a sleep over!

Multi Seed Bread

The Multi Seed as well as your other breads are outstanding. Bringen Heimat Erinnerungen jedesmal wenn ich in eine Stulle beisse.. Danke.

Kaiser Rolls

Outstanding, just like home. I wish you would have some regular Brötchen of this quality.

German Multi-Seed Bread
Margit Sagerman
German Multi Seed Bread

I spent my whole life in Germany having access to hundreds of different types of bread and bread rolls.
After moving to the US 8 years ago I was shocked to find that American bread is loaded with sugar!!!
Needless to say I am over the moon to be able to get this wonderful German bread through Bread Village.
It is exactly what bread should be. Delicious and without harmful additives.

German Kaiser Rolls

REALLY enjoyed these rolls have ordered again. Remove one at a time from freezer, bake, and enjoy with butter and jam for breakfast. Excellent, a treat that reminds me of my homeland and childhood.

German Multi Seed Bread

Delicious bread holds up well for days and is so satisfying. Will continue to order from Bread Village.


Hands down these are THE BEST rolls I have ever had. Perfect. Crispy/crunchy on the outside and so tender/soft on the inside. I’m hooked!!!

Best Brötchen ever!

Loved the pretzel rolls and Kaiser rolls. Baked to perfection

After my order of four loafs I ordered 10 more what does that tell you

Excellent Bread

Best bread I’ve had since I lived in Germany. Its not “just like” German bread, it is German bread!!!
I would highly recommend this to anyone who looks for quality food.

Best bread

After spending a year in Germany my standard for bread has increased. That to say, I haven’t been able to find bread this good for years! This bread is the best I’ve found that tastes fresh and authentic!

German Multi-Seed Bread
Georgeanne Romano

I brought my loaf of German bread to my dining club group. It was so good! Everyone loved it. Unfortunately it was pretty expensive to have a loaf of bread considering your shipping charge so I probably won’t do it very often. That’s why the four stars.

German Multi-Seed Bread

Excellent quality, and a happy reminder of my stays in Germany. With its crisp outer crust and soft, chewy inside, it is delicious. The wholesome ingredients make it very healthy.

Almost German

I love all of them, had them bevor.
My Family loves them too.
You may have some Orders coming from my Friends.
Glad you make them.

German Country Bread
Guenter Liewald
Good bread

It came in time and finishing baking was easy. Best German bread I could find so far. Houston, Tx

You know I like it be a use as you can see, I order repeatedly.
I also gave you new customers.
For one , Aurora Gonzales from Stamford ct.she owns a restaurant.

German Multi-Seed Bread
Sandra Rothbucher
Best Bread Ever!

I am always searching for a good seeded bread and this is, most definitely the best bread I've ever had!
The outside is nice and crisp and the inside just perfect! I'm glad I found this bread bakery.

German Farmer's Bread
Birgit Batson
Reminder of being home

I love this bread, eating it reminds me of sitting around the table with my family having Abendbrot. I sent this to my Son before also. He enjoys it with Leberwurst. Will definitely orderst again.

German Multi-Seed Bread
Wolfgang Hoeck
German Multi Seed Bread

Excellent taste. If you like german bread you should really try this. Have been ordering it a few times already. Keep it in my freezer and bake it when needed.