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German Kaiser Roll - 5 Pack


We love these Kaiser rolls!

Heaven in a box

Love your breads and Brötchen!
Just sized right and always delicious


Mountain Farmer's Bread


Wonderful and a great price.


Sunflower Seed Bread

Great breads from Europe

I was skeptical at first but glad I placed my first order. I am very pleased


It was good but not the bread I'm looking for. In the Detroit area there was a bread called Burghardts German Sourdough Rye bread. It was a much denser bread, not as airy and lighter in color. They are no longer in business and myself and many others would love to find a bread like it. My grandparents ate this all the time. I grew up on it. I think the Burghardts family is still in the Detroit area but they no longer are in business, unfortunately.


Rustic Farmer's Bread



German Kaiser Rolls

I was stationed in Germany while I was in the US Army back in the mid 70's ... and yes, I am old. GRIN. While the beer was really good, the hard rolls ... the Germans call them Brotchen ... were fantastic. Breakfast in Frankfurt consisted of cold cut meats, cheese, and Brotchen. I have spent the last 40 years trying to find anything similar, but no luck. Until now. BreadVillage to the rescue! These rolls aren't a substitute, they are the real thing, the exact same rolls I had in Germany. That's because they come from Germany. I will be a life long customer to BreadVillage, because now that I have found them again, I can't be without them. By the way, their other breads are just as good!

Memories from home

These Broetchen(rolls) are a total delight and remind me of my breakfasts in Hamburg, Germany! They are absolutely delicious! Thanks for making this special product

Kaiser Rolls

Excellent rolls. Don’t have to fly to Germany to have those delicious bread. Thank you.

Great bread

Tastes like from my Bavarian home town

Rye Bread without yeast

Very good bread, very flavorful a taste of Germsny for sure.

Excellent Bread

As a German, I really like the bread that Bread Village makes! It's so hard to find good bread around! I'm very happy to have found Bread Village and hope to order many more loafs!

My friend is German

She loves it and eats a slice with jam every morning with her breakfast. Loves it

Nice loaf

I enjoyed the texture and flavor of the bread very much, and will most likely order it again in the future.


Whole Grain Rye Bread

Rye bread without yeast !

Hearty and good taste !


Like the bread & rolls. Reminds me of Austria ..

Real bread in the USA

Absolutely fantastic. We purchased many different styles of bread to reach free shipping. It was worth every penny. Follow the recommended instructions and you have fresh baked german bread. Finally real bread in the USA. Every type of bread we have tried so far has been so much better than the so-called European styled breads american bakers offer. America has no idea what bread should be.

Sourdough Bread

Excellent bread. Reminds me of fresh bread from a German bakery.


Great !

Just like Germany

The Rolls are very tasty and when baked taste very authentic, just like in Germany