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Tastes like home

The multi seed bread and rolls are amazing and taste so fresh and are so soft - I feel like I’m back in Germany!

Fantastic bread!

This German Multi-Seed Bread has quickly become one of my favorite brad products. It is very satisfying. I am a diabetic and with it's low glycemic index I can enjoy it without guilt. LOVE IT!

German Farmers Bread

Just like Germany but only in the USA

Fabulous. Crusty on the outside, soft and delicious on the inside. Will be ordering again.

Best bread this side of the atlantic!

I could not be happier that I found real, healthy German Bread again, made with Sourdough and so many healthy grains that you don’t get in the typical American bread! How I have missed that taste ever since I came to the US many years ago. In fact, I had an easier time dealing with English as my second language, than with the soft and starchy American “Wonderbread.” Thank you so much for making this possible!

Very good

For a single person the individual small buns may be more appropriate since the
Large loaves tend to become old and the cut side crusty. If I had a breadbox
that might not be a problem.
Thanks for the prompt service/shipping.
Heidi Hildreth

I love the seed bread I ordered, the others are a little to sour for me.

Great Bread.

This is one surprising bread. Ordered the rolls ( by the way delicious) that I went back and ordered the whole loaf of bread. I liked the fact that I could finish baking it in my own oven. Top notch bread company.

Full of flavor

Wonderful texture and taste.

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Tasty BreadVillage

This was our first time to order, and it won't be the last! The bread arrived on ti,e and was wonderful. We have fond memories of German bread and this bread exceeded our expectations. Highly recommend.

Wonderful Multi Seed Roll

The fresh baked rolls are a treat for breakfast.

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Happy husband

My husband is 100% German and grew up and lived in Stuttgart until his mid 30s. The thing he misses the most about Germany is the bread. He has deemed your bread the closest to authentic bread made in Germany. We will be ordering often.

Finally we found it !

Bread from Germany, fresh because you bake it, delicious because off it traditional recipe.
Perfect !

Vielen Dank!

I spent my childhood in Germany and to have this bread again brings back so many wonderful memories!

Best brotchens ever!

These are the best brotchens you will find this side of Germany! We love eating them with bratwursts. Always fresh, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

We love your bread. We will be a loyal customer for a long time.

Authentic German Rye Rolls

those rolls are so delicious, easy to bake, and the aroma filling the house, while baking is Wunderbar

Love it

Best multi - seed Brötchen I ever eat in the USA

German rolls

I love the Kaiser rolls. I bake them crispy, and they are gone before the day is over.

German bread

It is so good. Reminds me of being back home. I can only say you all have the broetchens and bread just like back home. Anyone who likes German bread and rolls, go and order from bread village

In love with your rolls

I’m absolutely in love with the rolls and breads, everything tastes just as I remember growing up in Germany. So happy I found BreadVillage

Tastes like Germany

Wunderbar! Just like the ones I’d get at the local backerei!

Best Bread Around

This sourdough rye bread has a wonderful taste and texture. Easy to prepare. For me, it's easily digestible and does not irritate my body.

Love Love Love

Delicious bread fresh baked reminds me if my home.
I am german and this bread is the best ever. I love the fast service

German bread happiness

Excellent product. True to its German roots. All the people I have shared it with love it