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Full bodied and healthy

Feel so good about eating this bread. It has a wonderful crunch, full bodied mouth feel and I think I could live on this bread alone. Love the seeds!

Berliner Schrippe

Love that I found your Bread

Little slice of home

I love all the breads and rolls. Definitely German style. When I go home I can never wait to eat fresh bread and rolls from the bakery. I’ve never gotten used to the American style bread. Some things simply stay with you from childhood and this bread brings back memories. I order in bulk and variety so I can pick and choose based on what I desire at the moment.


How about a loaf similar to the Kaiser roll?


This is my favorite bread in Germany. I’m delighted to be able to purchase it here in the U.S. When it arrived, I put it in the freezer then followed the instructions when I was ready to serve it. It was fresh and soft until the last slice.

Home Again in Germany

Just like the breads and rolls I ate in Germany

Gift Box
Great bread

We recieved a gift box from my brother and we liked it so much that we bought some for a gift for someone else. We will be buying more.

Rye rolls

Deliciously light rye rolls with the crispy crunchy crust you remember from your days in Germany. Wunderbar for breakfast that will bring memories and nutritious goodness to your soul.

An excellent culinary experience

My husband developed food allergy to gluten last year, and has been only eating organic gluten free bread. Happily your sourdough Non GMO German bread seems to work for him. Separately I also enjoyed the German bread, however I prefer eating bread with seeds not just on the surface but also ground into the bread as well. Many Thanks and God Bless! Jennie

Best bread ever!

Just delicious. During the pandemic, I needed a bread delivery for my husband. Found you. Will always get all our bread from you. Delicious. Perfect.

the best bread in the usa thank you for being sooooo good .

Gift Box

Love the bread, always fresh. Love that its non gmo.

Different and okay but prefer the pretzel brotchen

Love the breads and other rolls

Great Bread

I am originally from Germany and was always looking for bread like I ate it at home. BreadVillage has all the good stuff from home and like in Germany, it has no preservatives.

Super delicious! Kids and wife love it too!


The farmers bread was AWESOME! The Broetchen as well. Brought me back about 45 years to my childhood. My Mom and Oma made them a lot like yours. There will be numerous more orders.

Good bread

I love the bread especially the Farmers bread, the pretzel rolls. They taste like German bread.

Gift Box

Perfect size for myself and sharing. Such delicious bread

German Pretzel Roll - 5 Pack

These are my husband's favorite. They never last very long because we both love them so much. Hard to find in the US!


These are fantastic - great taste, just like the ones in Germany!

Fabulous fabulous

I don’t think I have ever enjoyed bread so much. The rolls were terrific too. I’m so impressed. The price was extremely reasonable — the quality unsurpassed. Thank you.

I just love the multi-seed bread

I like it so much, I just wish that had 2-3 more versions of it. Maybe in a loaf? I really love these dense German breads, and it seems you can only get them in Germany (and on BreadVillage!) They taste wonderful and are great for everything (esp “belegtes Brot” — with just simple ingredients).

Love the bread

I have ordered bread and broetchen several times, always satisfied with the product and service


I love love love your Deutsches Brot and the efficient way you get it here is SUPER! Thank you!

My favorite bread of all

the taste was amazing fast fresh packed well a Brotchen lovers dream

European bread, finally!

I live in Wisconsin and we do have a few bakeries here specializing in European breads, but these are a bit out of the way for me. Tried two sampler packs from BreadVillage and filled up my freezer. Have now tried all three types of bread and I am so impressed. The smaller size 500g loaves is perfect for my household, and pricing is great.