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My son really enjoyed the German Multi Seed Rolls. Thank you.

German Farmer's Bread
Jeanette Beach
Wonderful, Delicious Farmer's Bread

I am from Germany, and have ordered many different breads from various vendors since living in the US. I think that your Farmer's Bread is the very BEST I've been able to find in the U.S. I appreciate being advised when it's on sale. After purchasing 4 loaves recently, I bought 6 more when it went on sale. Have a blessed day & take care.

German bread just like my ancestors made

Loved the taste and flavor of your bread. Wish you would make some rolls that have a soft crust. Maybe your breading dough doesn’t allow for it, but maybe make new recipe for them. Other wise they are perfect! The multigrain rolls are divine and so is the bread. Nice to good German bread. I’m a German through my ancestry(Obenshoen or Obenchain) and maybe that’s why I like them so much. Bake and taste just like you spent all day making them but so quick and easy to prepare.

Gift box

Bought gift box for my parents and they loved it.

German Lebkuchen Gingerbread - 7 Pack
Oh, so lovely!

What a treat it was to share these with my boyfriend’s children! They are generally suspicious of my German food with the “crazy names”, but the Lebkuchen was gobbled up without prompting! Not sugary sweet, not overly spicy. A premium treat with my afternoon coffee or tea!

The MOST authentic baked goods!

OMG!! I spend a LOT of time in Bavaria, and was concerned that mail order baked goods wasn’t quite up to snuff. Boy were those concerns unnecessary! Semmel so light and crispy! My Bavarian breakfast, at home in the US, is saved!!!

Real German bread products

Awesome !!!

Will buy again, awesome taste and quality !!, fast shipping.

German Quality

Glad to have crispy rolls baked only with natural ingredients in our second home!

Gift Box - Sweet
nancy f taylor
authentic products

the best stollen and gingerbread outside of Germany

Kaiser Rolls

The rolls are very good. I have ordered many times and will do again. Lived in Germany and the Broetchen Rolls are as good as the ones I have had over there.


These rolls are delicious! Very good with ingredients as butter & jam, but also crunchy and good to eat buy themselves. I will be buying more of these rolls!

My favorites

Best multigrain I have ever had. The rolls and the loaf are loaded with all kinds of seeds and a lot of them too. It’s nice that I can order them from a Bread Village when I can’t be in Germany. Delivery was excellent!

German rye roll

Very satisfied with the taste of these rye rolls.

Multi-seeded rolls

Great flavor. Will reorder soon. Prompt delivery time well.

German Multi-Seed Bread
Pamela Sanders
To die for !

Wonderful, just out of the oven and served with room temperature Good quality Brie cheese. Bread is great on its own. Good taste and mouth feel, and love the seeds. Try to eat just one !!!!!!

Great Rolls

Nothing better than fresh rolls from Germany in your kitchen. Five stars.

Farmers Brot

The brot is also going to the beach with us. Can hardly wait. Just a few more days. Thanks....

Kaiser Rolls

The rolls are in my freezer waiting for our trip to the beach. We stop at a German Market and get house made wurst. Then each morning I heat up the rolls and we enjoy!! Thanks....

German Farmer's Bread
Helga Benninger
Farmer's Bread

I have ordered several different breads and they were all delicious! I’d give it a 10 out of 10!!!

German Farmer's Bread
Michael Cooper

As I remember the bread when in Germany!!

Körner Brötchen

I love all bread and rolls I purchased for some time now. But I tried the seed rolls for the first time. I was so pleased! They where just what I remembered from Germany. I will Definitely purchase more! Thank you for such a good product and a little “ taste of Home”


Finally, I found real German bread and rolls that really taste like 'home'. They are absolutely delicious. I will order again and again.....

Taste of Home in the US

The delivery was surprisingly fast and all was very well packaged. We have tried a few different breads and Brötchen from the shipment, and they are like the real thing. They could have come from a bakery in any downtown Germany. They all bake very well and taste absolutely wonderful. Finally real Körnerbrot and Körnerbrötchen in America! I also ordered a bread slicer and that works like a charm. I will definitely order again once we get low.

Definitely one of the better Stollen

I was pleasantly surprised. The Stollen was not too dense or dry like some of them. Also, the Marzipan filling is better than with most Stollen. It's more of it and it's nice and creamy. Review Medals