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Real grains and seeds

The only bread I eat. Last well when frozen and cooks up great. Very good price for the quality of ingredients.
Thank You

German Multi-Seed Bread
Siiri Fernandez
The Best Bread

I grew up in Estonia. Then spent 5 years in Germany. At home my Grandmother baked the best breads imaginable in a brick oven. I know good bread!!
Bread Village bread is the ONLY bread in my house!
It is a proper European bread !!!!

Best Rolls Ever

I love the bread, but especially these rolls! Just like fresh baked bread right out of the oven and crispy on the outside. I can’t get enough so I keep reordering!

German Farmer's Bread
Anca Caban. It’s so good that you do forgot is heap

Is so good that you forget is healthy

We love rolls!!

My family absolutely loves the Kaiser and multigrain rolls! We love all the breads, but the rolls are so easy to pop in the oven since they don’t have to be thawed. We definitely miss the rye rolls. Please bring those back!

Just what I hoped for

I’m hooked! Thank you. Just wish it wasn’t so expensive to ship.

Best ever

The most delicious rolls ever,I will most definitely be reordering

Gift Box - Sampler
Roland Heuschele
Bread Gift a Big Hit with my Nephew

I sent my nephew and his wife the Gift package of bread for Christmas. The bread and rolls were a big hit and they plan on ordering more once they run out.
Thanks for providing a quality product that is appreciated by those who value delicious German baked goods.

Just like Fresh from the bakery

I lived in Germany for years and loved this bread. It's so nice to be able to order this delicious bread shipped to my home. Thanks for the great quality. Brava!

The best

Had them this morning for breakfast and as usual they were delicious.
I would highly recommend to anyo

Sehr gut!

Excellent German bread! We loved it and will order more.

Gift Box - Sampler
Doris Wight

I love this bread.
It reminds me on my life in Germany.
When I order I usually share it with friends!

Amazing Bread!

It's been harder and harder to find excellent quality bread made with healthy satisfying ingredients but I finally found it with Bread Village. The German multi seed Bread was the best I've had since the last time I traveled in Europe. If you want real flavor and real Ingredients you will find it in this bread. Love it!

Das beste deutsche Brot

The bread and rolls are worth every penny. Every time I bite in one of the rolls, or a slice of bread, I feel like I’m back home.

Gift Box - Sampler
Christine Nenner
Sampler and bread

Very good!!! Loved it, taste of home. Fast delivery and easy on ordering. Both thumbs up

German Kaiser Roll - 5 Pack
Teresa Crutchfield
Best rolls EVER!!!

These wonderful chewy soft rolls are pure heaven!!! Easy to prepare and consistently delicious. A must have in your freezer!!! 10 stars!!!

German Farmer's Bread
Petra Drakeford
A taste of home

We love the breads from here because it's a little taste of home and regular store bought bread is no comparison at all! Combined with our German wurst that we get from another vendor, it's a home run! We're glad you're here. We've learned our lesson from the last time however... We've ordered FOUR loaves, instead of TWO! lol

Sampler - Dough Saver Box
Dagmar Christensen
Absolutely wonderful!!

I’m having company from Germany for Christmas and just had to have rolls and bread from BreadVillage!
The variety of rolls and breads is so delicious. I’m sure it will be totally appreciated! Thanks for offering such a great selection.

Great for breakfast

They taste SO much better than my usual wheat english muffins. Ich will noch mehr Brötchen

Just buy it

"$8 for a good could german bread even be? :/" VERY good. It's SO MUCH MORE flavorful than even the better bread you can buy in the US. I thought the 99p bread from England was great; this is even better.

Ich werde DEFINITIV wiederkaufen

Sampler - Dough Saver Box
Heidi Van Sistine
Sampler- Dough saver box

Love the Sampler - Dough Saver Box. All selections are great , and multi grain rolls the best. My favs! Will continue to order because “fresh from the oven” is so good.
Will reorder again.

Well Worth the Price

Ah, the bread choices at our local stores are so poor that I was delighted to learn about Bread Village. My Sampler Box was mailed with lightening speed and all the bread and rolls are wonderful. Toasting the bread for breakfast is my favorite but all types go well as sandwiches or to accompany soup, too. Thank you, Bread Village, for starting off my day right!


The gift basket is delicious!

German Country Bread
Marita Edwards

Going to buy this bread again. The hearty taste made me homesick.


They don't look like the Kaiser Brötchen (Rolls) I remember, but they are DELICIOUS. Sure going to buy them again.