Gift Box

Gift Box

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Bread is one of the oldest, most venerable gifts of mankind. Literally biblical. Break bread with friends & family. Rye bread, wheat bread, seed bread, gingerbread, fruit bread, pretzel rolls, this box has it all.

The Gift Box contains 12 items at $5.99 each, with free shipping, removed prices and a gift message:

Multi Seed Bread
Country Bread
Farmer's Bread
2 Kaiser Roll 5-Pack
Multi-Seed Roll 5-Pack
Rye Roll 5-Pack
2 Pretzel Roll 5-Pack
1 Marzipan Stollen Fruit Bread
1 Lebkuchen Gingerbread 7-Pack

Handling: Enter yourself as billing address and recipient as shipping address. The box contains a packing slip without prices, with the message "Dear [Recipient], enjoy your special bread gift from [Buyer]!"  

Note: Composition can change without notice, but you will always get 12 items. The photo is illustrative and has no resemblance to the gift box or its contents. The basket and ribbon are NOT part of the package.

Customer Reviews

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Scott Gaitley
First Time Buyer

After 3.5 years living in Germany (returned stateside in July), finding this delectable source of tasty breads made the return transition much more bearable! German bread is the best hands-down and have not been disappointed with my shipment from Bread Village! I am still savoring each bite!

Janet Stallsmith
Great Delicious Breads

I highly recommend this bread company. Undoubtedly, the best bread I have ever tasted. Ease of ordering, fast shipping, directions for heating on each individual package.

P Zubritsky
The gift box is fabulous!

We absolutely loved everything, from the breads and rolls to the stollen and Lebkuchen! I will definitely be re-ordering all these items and giving several gift boxes for the holidays.

Maria Cooley

All of the items in the assorted variety box are perfect. I love them all.

Karen Holthaus
Present to me

Great bread, great choices of bread varieties. Wonderful taste.