German Farmer's Bread

German Farmer's Bread

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  • This bread hasn't changed in centuries. Baked with natural slow-process fermented rye sourdough. Packed with fiber and protein. Just look at the clean & short ingredient list. This is pure, all-natural bread at its best
  • Rye (39%) sourdough. No caraway taste, no seeds
  • 85% par-baked. Bake at 350F for 15 minutes for crunchy fresh taste
  • 5g protein and 6g fiber per slice. No cholesterol, low fat/sugar
  • Weight 18 oz (1.1 lbs)
  • Baked in Germany
  • No additives, non GMO
  • Ships uncooled. Sourdough's acid keeps bread fresh during transit. Freeze upon receipt for optimal shelf life

Customer Reviews

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Flint Denewiler

Best bread for those with celiacs disease (GF ). True to their ingredients, quick ship time and amazing customer service.

Christine Sauer
Real bread

Immer frisch das beste Brot in US me

sid koch
a long way to travel

I live on the opposite end of the country and usual travel time of 5 days was extended to 7. didn't seem to be a problem for the bread, arrived perfectly. I was concerned that I only had a toaster oven but again no problem. follow the instructions to the letter and even bought a traditional bread box which works great. I find here that by the forth or fifth day the left over end is hard if not consumed but no mold. a high quality product unattainable here. will order again.

Edward Schnabl
Just like back in Germany

Really enjoy this bread. I Sprinkle caraway seeds on it toasted. So delicious with sweet butter. This is real bread all the way.

James M Lavka
Love it

Great with echt Schwaldershicken that is available at our local Supermarket.