German Farmer's Bread

German Farmer's Bread

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  • This bread hasn't changed in centuries. Baked with natural slow-process fermented rye sourdough. Packed with fiber and protein. Just look at the clean & short ingredient list. This is pure, all-natural bread at its best
  • Rye (39%) sourdough. No caraway taste, no seeds
  • 85% par-baked. Bake at 350F for 15 minutes for crunchy fresh taste
  • 5g protein and 6g fiber per slice. No cholesterol, low fat/sugar
  • Weight 18 oz (1.1 lbs)
  • Baked in Germany
  • No additives, non GMO
  • Ships uncooled. Sourdough's acid keeps bread fresh during transit. Freeze upon receipt for optimal shelf life
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Customer Reviews

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Jeanette Beach
Wonderful, Delicious Farmer's Bread

I am from Germany, and have ordered many different breads from various vendors since living in the US. I think that your Farmer's Bread is the very BEST I've been able to find in the U.S. I appreciate being advised when it's on sale. After purchasing 4 loaves recently, I bought 6 more when it went on sale. Have a blessed day & take care.

Sylvia May
Farmers Brot

The brot is also going to the beach with us. Can hardly wait. Just a few more days. Thanks....

Helga Benninger
Farmer's Bread

I have ordered several different breads and they were all delicious! I’d give it a 10 out of 10!!!

Michael Cooper

As I remember the bread when in Germany!!

Holger Johann
Bauernbrot und Broetchen

We are very satisfied with the Bread and Broetchen, thank you for your fast delivery. Review Medals