Turn Your Home Into a Bakery

We bring tasty rye sourdough bread from Germany to the USA through a deep-frozen supply chain, safely packaged and flash-frozen to preserve peak freshness. Our par-baked bread turns crunchy-fresh in your oven within minutes. Here are the steps:

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above $54 with exceptions. Click here for details. We ship in recycled boxes without cooling to minimize pollution. Sourdough's acid is a natural preservative that keeps bread fresh during transit
bread on arrival for storage up to nine months
the parbaked bread 10-15 min. for crunchy crust and chewy interior. See label instructions for details. Any oven will do, even a simple toaster oven
the bread with a serrated bread-knife, after letting it cool down. Click here for advice on how to slice a crusty bread loaf
left-overs at room temperature cut-side down in a bread box. Consume within 1-2 days. Toast for extra crunchiness. Click here for advice on how to properly store bread