Like most people living in America, I had a hard time finding real bread with flavor and substance.

So in 2017, I started BreadVillage, the home of REAL bread. We bring world-class artisan bread from Germany straight to your door. We focus on German bread, because it's the best in the world: Crunchy outside, dense and chewy inside, loaded with good ingredients.

Real German bread can only come from Germany. The unique combination of sourdough cultures, grains, water, air, and baker skill cannot be matched outside Germany. So we decided to bake our bread in Germany and ship it to the USA via a sophisticated supply chain. 

Our mission is to turn your home into a bakery. We achieve this by shipping partially baked (or par-baked) bread that develops great aroma and texture in your oven within minutes. Enjoy!  

Christian Gruenwald