Recipe: Multi-Seed Egg and Mushroom Sandwich

breakfast recipe sandwich

multi-seed egg and mushroom sandwich

Get a powerful start into the day with this great sandwich, loaded with proteins and fiber. Each slice of BreadVillage multi-seed bread contains 6g protein, and each egg contains another 6g.

● BreadVillage Multi-Seed Bread
● Scallions
● Mushrooms
● Egg(s)
● Olive oil
● Salt and pepper

● Wash and cut scallions and mushrooms
● In a nonstick skillet, cook olive oil scallions and mushrooms over medium heat until browned and soft
● Whisk eggs, then add to skillet and stir until eggs are cooked
● Toast bread slices
● Top toast with cooked egg

Click here for a link to our Multi-Seed Bread. We ship throughout the USA.

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