Recipe Ideas: Creative Uses for Leftover Sourdough Bread

recipe uses for leftover bread vegetarian

In contrast to sensitive foods like meat, veggies or fruit, old bread does not have to end up in the garbage can. There are plenty of good uses for leftover rye sourdough bread, from obvious ones such as croutons to less obvious ones such as meat tenderizer. 

Tenderize Ground Beef Patties

Panade - a simple paste of milk, bread and seasoning - helps tenderize ground beef. Mix it in with the beef to keep burgers moist, tender and flavorful. The paste sets into a gel when cooked, keeping beef patties in shape while retaining moisture.

Tenderize Steaks

German rye sourdough contains more acid than most sourdough breads, which makes it useful for tenderizing steaks. Add a good handful of breadcrumbs to your steak marinade and the sourdough acid and bacteria will work their way into the meat, making it more tender in the process. Perhaps throw in some German beer as well, for special flavor!

German Bread Dumplings (Semmelknödel)

Bread dumplings, or “Semmelknödel,” are a traditional Bavarian specialty made from bread, milk, onion, eggs and herbs. The dumplings have a tender texture, making them the ideal side-dish to anything saucy, like roast, goulash, Jaegerschnitzel, creamy mushrooms, etc.


Throw stale bread pieces into a blender and you’ve got breadcrumbs. For crunchy texture, bake the old bread at low heat until it turns dry, before grinding it in the mixer. You can keep the crumbs in the freezer for several months and use them as needed.

Soup Thickener

Add chunks of old sourdough bread to soups to enhance texture and flavor. That will make your soups heartier and more filling.

Bread Pudding

Combine old bread cubes with fruit, pumpkin, almond milk, maple syrup, and whatever spices you like, such as cinnamon. Put the mixture into a baking dish and bake it until it’s thick and golden brown.


Add crunch to your salads, garnish your soups, or simply enjoy a crunchy homemade snack! Throw some old bread cubes into a baking tray, add oil and seasoning and bake until golden brown.


No need to wait for the holidays to try out some tasty sourdough stuffing. Use rye sourdough instead of lame white bread to add substance and flavor to your stuffing. There will be a wonderful contrast between crusty, browned sourdough pieces at the top and softer pieces below in the broth.


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  • Robin Meeks Blankenship on

    I did not find any ingredient lists? Want to rule out “enriched bread” before I order. Thanks.

  • Dorothea Harjes on

    I am alone, so after I bake the bread I keep it out on the counter a couple days. Then it goes in the refrigerator. I have diabetes so on a low carb diet. It takes me a week to get done with a loaf. I toast it when I take it out of refrigerator. It tastes fresh again. Does it really loose a lot of its nutrition that way?

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