German Country Bread

German Country Bread

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  • The label "Mischbrot" stands for a balanced mix of rye (25%) and wheat (33%) sourdough, making this bread crunchy outside and exceptionally chewy and moist inside. With its mild flavor, this bread goes well with all kinds of spreads, from sweet to salty.
  • 85% par-baked. Bake at 350F for 15 minutes for crunchy fresh taste.
  • 5g protein and 4g fiber per slice
  • Baked in Germany
  • No additives, non GMO
  • Weight 18 oz (1.1 lbs)
  • Ships uncooled. Sourdough's acidity keeps bread fresh during transit. Freeze upon receipt for optimal shelf life.

Customer Reviews

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Linda Larson

A perfect loaf of bread! Reminded me of all my years in Germany with my Mutti, Oma and Opa. I have missed German bread and rolls so much and hope to purchase this loaf as often as I can afford to do so. It arrived in a timely fashion, with clear instructions. I ordered the rolls and a different loaf but have not tried them yet. They are safe in my freezer for my next special treat. Highly recommend this company and the bread, it really is a taste of home! Thank you.

Scott Bussey
Gott sei dank

I’ve been out of Germany for a couple of years. And I can’t tell you all the things I’ve done to try and replicate German bread. Thank God I found you guys!!

Jutta Green

I enjoyed it very much.

Anneliese Weems
I love German Bread

My recent shipment of various German breads from Bread Village was received in great condition, and the breads and rolls I ordered were excellent. It brought me back to the time I spent in Germany. I will be placing a repeat order soon. Thanks Bread Village for making these breads available.

Margarete Flatebo
You can't change an old German!!

When I visited relatives in Germany, I always asked for Bauernbrot, Butter and Geräucherten Schinken!!
I used to bake bread, now your offerings are more convenient, I live alone and my orders are for several months,
keep all in the freezer, the Keiser rolls, I take out one by one, the bread after it is baked I keep in the frig., what a taste and delight from HOME!!