Know What's in Your Bread - Pure vs. Chemical Bread


Next time you're about to buy mass-produced supermarket bread, take a look at the ingredient list. You will find a long list of chemicals you have never heard of. That's not what real bread is about, is it? 

Less is more. Compare that to the short and punchy ingredient list of our rye sourdough Farmer's Bread: Water, rye, wheat, salt, yeast, barley, spices. This recipe hasn't changed in centuries, for good reasons.

Stay away from bread that contains long lists of chemicals. Eat REAL bread instead!

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  • Raymond Franklin Taylor on

    Is this German bread bake in the old country??

  • Gunthilde on

    The German Bread Is The Best I ordered many times

  • Joel Gordon on

    Excellent arcticle on real bread! And, I might add, it’s about time! I lived and worked in Germany for two years, spoke only German the whole time, and learned about one of the world’s astonishing cultures. From the purity laws in the 16th century up to the present day reverence for deeply good ingredients with integrity, German-made bread is a modern day wonder that is wholesome, delicious, satisfying and, well, honest. I can well understand that you were hesitant to “toot your own horn” but glad you finally put it out there for people to chew on?! Be well, Joel Gordon

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