Rolls - Dough Saver Box

Rolls - Dough Saver Box

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Get 16 roll 5-packs (i.e. 80 rolls total) for $79.90. That's $4.99 per 5-pack (reg. $5.99), 17% off. Hard to beat for fine bread rolls straight from Germany. The box contains:

Kaiser Roll 5-Pack
Rye Roll 5-Pack
Multi-Seed Roll 5-Pack


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Customer Reviews

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sweet magnolia
Good deal & great taste :D

Nice fresh rolls out of the oven in no time at all!

Heather S
Delicious bread!

I am so thrilled to have found you! Having lived in Germany many years ago, the thing I’ve missed most is the bread. This has been such a wonderful and delicious find!

Heidi Hildreth
Good stuff, however ........

I would definitely prefer all rye bread and eliminate the Kaiser rolls for health
reasons. However my friends appreciate the 'donations'.

Alan Shields-Cave
Multi-Seed Bread & Rolls

I have developed a serious addiction to the multi-seed bread and rolls! The crispy crust, soft, moist chewy inside and the texture and flavor that the five different seeds bring to each bite is nothing short of orgasmic! Great with just plain European butter, a slice of cheese, or a spread of softened goat cheese or Brie. Every bite is a memory of my German grandmother’s freshly made bread from here oven without the labor and time it took her.

A Gevaert
Very yummy Authentic German bread rolls that bake well from frozen

I have been looking for German bread rolls for quite some time and have finally decided to place the order. The shipping costs are pretty high for California so I went for a large box. That makes it a bit more affordable. A nice treat for weekend breakfasts.