Rolls - Dough Saver Box

Rolls - Dough Saver Box

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Get 20 items for $99.80. That's $4.99 per item (reg. $5.99), 17% off. Hard to beat for the fine bread straight from Germany. Rye rolls, pretzel rolls, wheat rolls, seed rolls, gingerbread, fruit bread, this box has it all. The box contains:

Kaiser Roll 5-Pack
Rye Roll 5-Pack
Multi-Seed Roll 5-Pack
4 Pretzel Roll 5-Pack
2 Marzipan Stollen Fruit Bread
2 Lebkuchen Gingerbread 7-Pack


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Customer Reviews

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My German Heritage.

I love your rolls. The Kaiser rolls are my favorite. The gingerbread cookies are by far my favorite of your products. I gifted one of the stollen to my new neighbor and he loved it.

Patricia Jandt
Patricia s review

Excellent, we’re so thankful that my friend Donna Watson told me of your company. I will be ordering another batch in the near future. Thanks for bringing this wonderful German product to me and my family.

sweet magnolia
Good deal & great taste :D

Nice fresh rolls out of the oven in no time at all!

Heather S
Delicious bread!

I am so thrilled to have found you! Having lived in Germany many years ago, the thing I’ve missed most is the bread. This has been such a wonderful and delicious find!

Heidi Hildreth
Good stuff, however ........

I would definitely prefer all rye bread and eliminate the Kaiser rolls for health
reasons. However my friends appreciate the 'donations'.