We bring tasty GERMAN RYE SOURDOUGH bread from Germany to the USA through a deep-frozen supply chain.

We SAFELY PACKAGE and FLASH-FREEZE the bread right after baking it in Germany to preserve peak freshness.

Our PAR-BAKED BREAD (= 80%-partially-baked) turns crunchy-fresh in your oven within minutes.

Here are the steps after placing an order on our website:

  FREE SHIPPING on orders above $54 (= 10 items), with exceptions. Click here for further shipping details. We ship in recycled boxes WITHOUT COOLING to avoid pollution from insulation and dry-ice. Sourdough's acid naturally keeps bread fresh during transit.

  FREEZE bread upon arrival for storage up to 9 months

  BAKE par-baked bread briefly for crunchy crust and chewy interior:  
Loaves: Thaw at room temperature overnight and bake for 12-15 min at 350F
Rolls: Bake frozen for 8-10 min at 400F
Adjust settings for best results, ovens vary 

  SLICE bread with a serrated bread-knife after letting it cool for 10 minutes

  STORE left-overs at room temperature with cut-side down, in an airy box or bag. Consume within 1-2 days. You can toast left-overs for crunchiness