German Marzipan Stollen - Fruit Bread

German Marzipan Stollen - Fruit Bread

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The Marzipan Stollen is one of Germany's finest cakes. Filled with 12% delicious Marzipan and 24% top-quality raisins, coated with powdered sugar, this Stollen takes the cake. Great for dessert, snack, and festive occasions.

  • Baked in Germany
  • Net weight 500g (18 Oz.): Contains 12% Marzipan, 24% Raisins
  • No preservatives, No GMO
  • Store at room temperature for up to 6 months
  • Ready to eat without baking or preparation
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Customer Reviews

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Robert Lukat

Truly awesome delight. It is wonderful when I can't find Claxton fruit cakes.


The flavor and taste are unique.

humberto gutierrez

I love stollen. They are excellents

Michael Schmidt-Thiede
Definitely one of the better Stollen

I was pleasantly surprised. The Stollen was not too dense or dry like some of them. Also, the Marzipan filling is better than with most Stollen. It's more of it and it's nice and creamy.

Ross Calvert
Ridiculous temptation vrs. unswayable resolve.

The recent loss of a dog/friend has had me not walking in the mornings and it was beginning to show, if you catch my drift. I ordered two of the stollens with marzipan centers intent on using them as thank you gifts for meal invitations received. I had to taste it before giving the first one away, you know to be sure that it was not poisonous or anything. It was OK and I smartly bypassed a second helping. The second one was offered to a brother-in-law who, I had forgotten, does not "do" gluten. I casually gave it to my daughter instead. The next day, she extolled the delights of getting up early on a Saturday and getting a nice cup of coffee and a piece of stollen. She kept saying that it was so yummy and asked me what I thought about it. My reply: What stollen??? Score: Diet - zero and me with my resolve - negative zero. (I KNOW that there is no such value in math but, so what, I misuse vocabulary concepts almost as well as I cheat on strict dietary compliance!! Review Medals